Thursday, July 21, 2011

best of the blotter: Elvis, milkshakes, and birds

Not everyone is a fan of the King. At 10:14 p.m. July 16, North Royalton police were dispatched to Deer Creek Drive for a report of a loud stereo. A highly intoxicated female resident was advised to turn her music down. Police left but returned at 10:57 p.m. because more loud stereo complaints had been received by dispatch. The resident told patrolmen she had switched the music to Elvis Presley and did not know why the neighbors were still complaining. Police advised her that it was not her choice of music, but rather the volume that disturbed her neighbors. She was cited for loud radio in a residence.

An anonymous caller reported four men singing in the parking lot near the pool at the Royalton Greens apartment complex around midnight July 17.

The neighbors were all yelling at the men to stop, but the men would not quit their singing.

Police spoke to one of the men, who admitted that he and three of his friends were belting out some tunes, but would take their music inside.

DISTURBANCE, ROSE BOULEVARD: On July 13, a resident reported a neighbor having people honking their horns in the driveway frequently. The resident was advised there was no ordinance against honking a vehicle horn during the day.

ANIMAL AT LARGE, GOLDEN GATE BOULEVARD: A resident requested help July 11 in catching her exotic bird that flew out of her house and into a tree. When the animal warden told her the bird was too high and there was nothing he could do, the resident yelled at him and a man with her used vulgarity to tell the animal warden to get off their property.

MENACING, LORAIN ROAD: Managers at Dairy Queen told police July 12 a man threatened workers there when his milkshake was not made to his liking. Workers tried to fix the mistaken shake, but the customer would have nothing to do with it, and according to reports he began cursing before finally leaving. Later, the man called the store and threatened another manager, police said.

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