Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best of the Blotter: First World Problems and the Real Housewives of Solon

DISORDERLY CONDUCT (FIGHTING); BAINBRIDGE ROAD: Two neighbors with a shared back yard were cited on the Fourth of July after one woman, 47, reported at 6:16 p.m. that she had accidentally run over her neighbor’s son’s toy football while mowing the lawn, then accused the mother of attempting to choke her over it.

The mother, 41, countered that her family had been playing in the backyard when the neighbor got her lawn mower out and without any explanation started mowing, promptly ruining the football.

She said the two then got into a brief shoving match that was self-defense on her part, having merely “pushed back after she was pushed.” After further review, police issued misdemeanor citations to both women.


A bizarre assault call confirmed two things: Bananas do not like gorillas or the Verizon Wireless network. Just before 3 p.m. June 29, officers arrived at The Wireless Center at 14150 Pearl Road because the business’s advertising mascot, a gorilla, was attacked by a banana. Store management told police that an individual dressed as a banana tackled the businesses mascot. The banana-wearing perpetrator then fled on foot southbound on Pearl Road with four males. According to the store manager, the gorilla was not injured, just embarrassed. Police were unable to locate the banana.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE, WEST WASHINGTON STREET: A woman called the department July 7 to see about getting someone to remove a squirrel carcass from the side of her house. Assistance was rendered.

LARCENY, HURLINGHAM ROAD: On July 10, a woman reported the theft of jewelry, a dress shirt, a sweater, a handbag and a scarf from her home. She valued the items at $16,000.

SUSPICION, WILSON MILLS ROAD: On June 30, a manager of Qdoba Mexican Grill reported a group of women jumped out of a vehicle, ran around the parking lot, then got back into the vehicle and left the area toward Denny’s.

Police told the manager the women may have been part of a scavenger hunt in the area.

SPECIAL ATTENTION, FRANKLIN BOULEVARD: On June 29, a resident reported about half a dozen golf balls in his backyard. He was not sure who hit the balls, but was concerned about young children who may get injured by playing in the backyard.

SUSPICION, COLDSTREAM ROAD: A caller reported on June 30 that she heard two loud gunshots in the area. The person called back and said she heard two loud explosions south of her residence.

Police said it was probably fireworks.

MISCHIEF, HARTFORD TRAIL: Police noted at 11:40 p.m. July 8 that a large landscaping rock had been painted to look like “the old Bob Marley Jamaican flag.”

CIVIL MATTER, PEARL ROAD: At 4:56 p.m. July 9, a woman reported that she took her $1,500 insulated mink coat to a Strongsville dry cleaners a month ago, and was charged $35 even though it was not cleaned.

According to the complainant, she took the coat back to the business, and was told it would be cleaned again without charge. A police report indicated the coat had a dark spot on the sleeve that appeared to be a watermark, and there was dirt on the garment.

The complainant, said the coat was sent from Korea, wanted the incident noted.

Man pulls out a sword during fight

A man pulled out a sword during an argument in the Burger King parking lot on Detroit Avenue at around 2:30 p.m. June 26. Police were unable to find the suspect.

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Randal Graves said...

I stabbed the Burger King, but I did not stab the Grimace.

Maybe the scavenger hunters were looking for bananas.