Friday, April 1, 2011

thursday night fill-in playlist 2

If I could claim this time slot, I would.

faith no more - helpless
jawbox - tools and chrome
bad brains - house of suffering
throwing muses - tar kissers
jucifer - when she goes out
heatmiser - mockup
the breeders - new year
X - soul kitchen
the buzzcocks- ever fallen in love
the pixies - monkey gone to heaven
sleater kinney - all hands on the bad one
the duke spirit - send a little love token
jesus and mary chain - catchfire
black angels - black grease
the gutter twins - bete noire
iggy pop - the passenger (request)
machine go boom - punchline song (request)
afghan whigs - uptown again
swervedriver - sci-flyer
smart went crazy - dc will do that to you
dream syndicate - that's what you always say
my bloody valentine - only shallow
sonic youth - purr
queens of the stone age - autopilot
ameseours- video girl
mira - space
the verve - life's an ocean
the chills - pink frost
fugazi - strangelight
50 foot wave - power & light


Randal Graves said...

Can you play some Springsteen?

thatgirl said...

Oh how could I forget the musician who's done more for the Working (Cracker) Man than anyone else ever?

Shame on me.

Cookbook said...

Did you play the WHOLE Power + Light album?

thatgirl said...

I started it about halfway through so I wouldn't have to bleep, but I finished out my show with about 5 minutes of it and have played about ten of it early in the morning.

If I do another rock slot fill-in I'll probably do more because the whole thing is so good.