Friday, April 15, 2011

east coast here I come...

It's been forever I took a real vacation, usually it's a few hours here or a day or two there, and I haven't left the state of Ohio in three years, and that was to go to Detroit. Before that was a ride hitched to DC with politically earnest friends where I ended up at some protest that already fed my deep cynicism and where we must have looked so wholesomely Midwestern that everyone seemed to know we were from Ohio in spite of ourselves. I've never been to Boston and we have the most skeletal of plans involving Chinatown, seafood, Salem, and some kind of history.

I don't take vacay time often, as I don't have a house to work on or kids to take anywhere, and I keep saving my money in hopes I can get somewhere sweet someday, but it's hard for me to get the motivation to go somewhere alone and there are very few people I can spend a huge block of time with in the car or for a few days in a row. The whole prospect of tourist groups on busses sounds horrible too, whether they're Boomers or Bright Young Things, and the open invitations that I do have around the world are in places that are kind of no-gos for gringo infidels like me.

In the meantime, there's an uncompleted passport application in a desk drawer, piles of books on my shelves about exotic locales, and I live vicariously through the adventures of others, walk their dogs and feed their cats and drink lemonade in the hammock on a back porch of a nicer house than mine a few streets over pretending I'm somewhere else.

Someday, I'll get out more than I do. Cleveland's home, but sometimes it feels good to see something else.


Cookbook said...

Have fun and enjoy your travels!

Randal Graves said...

Outside of lack of scratch, huge blocks of time with folks (aka, the Jack Burton factor) is probably the reason why vacations don't go beyond Champions League marathons.

May you discover patriotic chowdah & avoid dealing with House of Painers & enthusiastic TSA agents.