Friday, April 1, 2011

with the radio on...

I spent last night among stacks of records and racks of CDs, killing time before going on air, loving the unpredictability that comes from improvisation. When I say "I'm playing rock" that means anything with an electric guitar regardless of subgenre.

I love doing these kinds of shows because they remind me of when I used to get stacks of CDs out of the public library in my teens, when it was a hungry curiosity that sent me searching for new sounds, figuring out what I like and what I wasn't so much into, and how that shifts over time, finding definitions for those sounds later, gradually realizing that a lot of people around me were way more cliquish about their love of sound, that certain things weren't acceptable around certain subsets, "too weird," "too metal" "too corporate" "not in English" "too fast" "too slow" "don't like female singers/don't like male-dominated genre" "too straightforward" "not enough guitar" "too much guitar."

I sometimes feel like I don't belong among the obscurists and specialists, but I'm having so much fun and I've been there three years so I can't be totally doing it wrong.


Randal Graves said...

What would happen if proto-black-prog-folk-thrash-jazz were to be Englished?

thatgirl said...

I think you should ask Mike Patton.

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