Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wind and water

we went again to Edgewater, waited for someone else to show up who didn't, and went down to the other beach, where there was spraypaint on the jettys and a bus full of crusty punks and their dogs and great photos to be taken.

The colors were so beautiful and intense I knew I couldn't capture them with my Canon's limited lens, but tried anyway, because sometimes I have gotten lucky and more and more I have some clue what I'm doing, with better ways of seeing and looking at things. He explains "See, photography and kung fu really aren't all that different..."

I loved the way the wind felt, the purple grey blue of the sky and the deep silvered aquamarine color of the water. I'll never have money but if I could, I'd live next to a large body of water with waves, so I could watch the storms come in, let the water kiss my feet as I walk up the beach, stumble down the rocks looking for beach glass to sit on the abandoned picnic tables at the end by the cliffs where the shale is perfect for skipping stones across the waves. I turn into a damn hippie every time I go there and I have no shame.

We could see the rain coming across the lake and when it finally hit it was like a baptism, washing away the sand and the crushed shells of zebra mussels off my skin.

It was just too beautiful out to go home so we took the new Roots album on a drive along the lake as the heat lightning flashed and there was nothing to say, just the windows rolled down and the radio on. It's been a long time since I've had an epic Cleveland drive and I needed one.

This weekend was nonstop things all the time, helping people move, baby shower, meeting up in Berea with an old friend for Thai food, walks downtown, and conversation, hanging out at Edgewater again on Sunday, and painting. I've got two more weeks of class but my works in progress are starting to look interesting.

Also, evidently the visiting church group wants to buy some of my photos to take back to rural Minnesota with them, so I'll be printing up some of my graffiti shots and a few other Cleveland/rust belt-ish looking ones that might look nice on somebody's wall. I never thought anyone would like my work that much, but it'll help offset the costs I'll incur when I find out how much I owe the city of Cleveland for my youthful indiscretions.

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onefinemess said...

I hear you on the water proximity stuff. I was lucky enough to live by the water for a handful of years in college and, while I'm not much for actually going in the water, or for sand... so help me but I want to die with the ocean air on my lips.

I love falling asleep to the sound of waves, I love waking to that air. If only waterfront property wasn't so damn expensive :P.