Saturday, July 10, 2010

bright lights

This weekend's gone so much better than the last. It helps to have no expectations and anticipations and see what happens.

I walk the dog and come back to a missed call from one of my picture taking crew who's thankfully isn't blaming me for ruining his pristine record and we kept it legit, shooting photos of the funwall, the bridges, walked over the Abbey bridge and down the hill from Tremont before heading over to Edgewater as the sun set and the water was this deep epic blue as the sky burned red and orange.

We got some amazing shots and I learned more about how to use my camera but I couldn't help stiffening every time a police car went by.

Stopped over to see my mom in the morning, came back and got some groceries and snarky comments at the African/Caribbean mart where I ran into Alex and the other Burundians who reminded me that "only foreigners shop here," as I loaded up on plantains, hot sauce from Barbados, Jamaican grapefruit pops, and ginger tea.

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian festival/carnival was going on tonight so I rode my bike down there to observe the festivities, which did not disappoint. Found it a bit ironic that the raffle item this year was Lady Gaga tickets but I did get to take pictures of carnies, witness a dance-off, which was very entertaining and everyone there looked really Italian, and watching teenagers interact with each other made me so glad I'm not their age anymore.

Pope Benedict was there too, hanging out next to the Freedom Fries.

And might as well throw Martina Topley-Bird, Tricky's muse in there too.

Sunday was hanging out with good people watching the World Cup final and going to my cousin's graduation party out in the exurbs. I have culture shock every time I go out that far away from the city, it's such a different world than the one around me.

I was frustrated this week because I sometimes wish that life wouldn't be as crazy as it is, that other people my age are buying houses and taking their kids to t-ball games while I'm doing whatever I'm doing, but then, well, I guess I wouldn't have as many stories to tell, would I?


Bridget Callahan said...

I love the pier. Love love love the pier.

Kerry said...

Pope Benedict looks really shady hanging out at the fry stand. He's no JP in the warm love department.

Anonymous said...

I dig the pier shot too!

Randal Graves said...

Too bad blogger crops stuff, the widescreen is working is The Google® Reader.