Thursday, July 8, 2010

best of the blotter 24: summertime....

ATTEMPTED ROBBERY, CUMBERLAND ROAD: A boy, 14, said two young men approached him, pointed what appeared to be a handgun in his face, and told him to empty his pockets July 1 at Cumberland Park, 1740 Cumberland. But after the boy noticed a sticker on the side of the gun that indicated it was a toy, he said, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” and the suspects fled on foot.

JUVENILE COMPLAINT, MALLARD DRIVE: A resident reported July 1 that some youths on an apartment building roof were spray-painting something.

Responding officers spoke with some children who were not spray-painting anything but admitted to kicking pears off the roof.

MISCHIEF, MARKS ROAD: A resident reported June 29 that someone threw a water balloon that hit him on the head while he was driving.

The man believed a boy he saw standing in a driveway threw the balloon.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE, PROGRESS DRIVE: Police advised two brothers to “grow up” on June 30 after they got into a punching match over ice cream.

The brothers got into an argument about which one of them ate some ice cream earlier in the week. One brother called police after the argument degenerated into a pushing and shoving match.

"Summer in the city such a very special time
If you put aside the traffic, air-pollution and the grime...

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Randal Graves said...

I remember once when someone thought I was spray-painting graffiti but I was actually juggling pomegranates.