Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sister's wedding was beautiful, good food, good people, fun dancing. I was so tired but I just kept drinking coffee and hanging out with relatives and friends... only two people asked the inevitable questions about why yours truly isn't hitched yet, but I was able to not think about it too much and have a good time, overwhelmed by the love and so happy for her.

I always think of this scene when I hear the word marriage.

Had a good time with Mukhtar at De La Soul, good show even if it was shorter than I expected for them being around for 20 years. My roommate's gone for the rest of the week and I miss her, so I've been finding ways to keep myself occupied in the meantime; girlness and chili with Megan last night, going out to the east side to hang out with Jerusha tonight, more adventures to follow I'm sure.

Debating Labor Day weekend plans... road trip to Columbus? Mission of Burma at Studio-A-Rama? KRS-One and others in Akron with the usual suspects? None of the above? We shall see...

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