Monday, July 6, 2009

fun with craigslist

Starting Elton John Tribute Band (Lake County)
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Date: 2009-07-01, 11:21PM EDT

ATTN: This is not for ametures!!

I am looking for highly experienced progressive artists with atleast 15 years experience with major accomplishments ie., Pianist and Keyboard Artist, Drummer, Guitarists, Bass Player. you must have your own equipment, transportation and the ability to contribute financially and have the ability within your schedules to make a full time commitment.

I also want to put together a small Orchestra or a Keyboardist that knows how to synthesise the background music. I am in direct contact with a costume designer in Las Vegas that works with all the stars and I also have direct lines of communication to grab Eltons attention if we can get as good as I like possibly to gain his support. I want to get serious with this.

My name is Dino Wantsome an up and comming Stand Up Comediat but an accomplished vocalist as well who just happens to sound just like Elton John. Please feel free to come hear me every Saturday Night at the Park Road Bar and Grill in Painesville Township, Ohio in Lake County. Please call first before you come and if you want to eat remember kitchen closes at 11pm. I sing from 10:30 till 2am. Just go to Map Quest and by all means if you think you can play ALL of Eltons Music as good as the man himself then lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am talking about a show possibly billed as "A summers Evening with Dino Wantsome & Freinds and the music of Sir Elton John"..................... OR something we can work it out latter!!


chris g said...

Oh this is hilarious!! That dude called my buddy and left a voice mail at his work trying to book a gig. The voice mail was so funny that he emailed it to all of us!

After finding your post my friend called that bar in P'ville and they said they never heard of him!

Since I can't leave you hangin I posted the audio clip here DINO WANTSOME!

chris g said...

Ok the link didn't work I'll just write it out and you can copy and paste it in - hilarious!