Monday, July 6, 2009

best of the blotter 5

WELFARE CHECK: An anonymous caller reported a homeless man with a shopping cart on the corner of Pearl and Whitney roads June 22.

The woman was irate that the city was allowing bums in Strongsville.

Officers checked the corner and located the suspect, lives in the city and is not homeless.

THEFT, SOUTHINGTON ROAD: A computer, chocolate chip cookies and a first-aid box were stolen June 25 after someone broke into Greenview Day Treatment Center, 14201 Southington.

JUVENVILES: A Lakeview Drive resident called police June 22 to report three or four kids dressed in black capes with black hoods had just rang her doorbell and ran away. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the kids.

For the record, Medina might have the next best blotter after Lakewood.

TURTLE CROSSING: Medina City Police spoke with a driver who had stopped her vehicle and turned on her car's flashers on Branch Road, blocking the roadway. The woman was waiting for a turtle to cross the road.

FENCING LOUDLY: While checking out a report of a noise violation at a Birch Hill Drive residence, police found two people fencing with each other. Police told the individuals to stop their fencing match and go back into their apartment.

FIRE HELMET: Police responded to Wadsworth Road on a report of juveniles riding their bikes in the road while wearing a helmet that was apparently on fire. The suspects were gone when officers arrived.

ANIMAL NUISANCE: A sick beaver foaming at the mouth was chasing a dog around the area of Van Buren Way the afternoon of June 5. Police said the beaver was aggressive. It was destroyed by officers.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: A woman found a suspicious plant growing in her flowerbed. Police told her it appeared the compound leaves were those of a buckeye tree, not a marijuana plant.

SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR: Police observed a male and female in a vehicle parked on East Reagan Parkway at shortly before midnight on May 16. The couple was engaged in what police described as "after-prom activities" rather than "suspicious behavior."

SUSPICIOUS PERSONS: Police were informed of a person walking around a North Court Street parking lot in an aluminum foil suit. Upon investigation, it turned out that students were making a movie for speech class. Police advised them that pretending to beat up a person in an aluminum foil suit will get the police called on them, and they were advised to pick a more private place, not a public parking lot.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A window was broken out with a dog bone at a Longview address.

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