Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cleveland, Africa

So we get done tutoring with the kids and they want to me to come over to their friend's house with them. I know the friends as well and I didn't have to be at work until this afternoon so I figured hey why not.

So we're hanging out there. I get to meet the rest of the family and have dinner, ugali and chicken stew and cooked bananas. We were sitting on the floor eating out of common bowls and watching old-school kung fu movies while the older kids practiced their English and we played games with the babies.

I took the kids home and their parents had friends in from out of town, so they were having a party. Ended up hanging out with a girl from Tanzania and debating love, money, and marriage with one of the older brothers and his two friends, who were showing me videos they made of each other dancing to Lil Wayne. Everyone would translate for me so I'd have some idea of where the conversation was going, and we stayed up laughing and talking as the guys grilled skewers of goat meat on the back porch and the music played.

I was getting ready to go around 1am when the kids' parents said they had something for me and took me down to the basement where there was a goat hanging from the ceiling and they sheared of a huge side of raw goat meat for me to take home and share with the roommate.

So... I have to figure out how I'm going to cook this thing now. I hope that at some point I can return the hospitality and the warmth that's been shown to me.

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