Friday, March 6, 2009

the first warm night of the year

I worked late last night.

Drove home and took the long way home down Detroit. I love nights when it's warm enough to roll down the windows and let the music play. Then I started seeing TV cameras and police cars and people outside and I knew that something had happened. A mother and four kids are dead. How can people do this to each other?

I was supposed to go over to a friend's to hang out who lives around the corner over there but it just seemed to crazy to be out and so I spent the night in solitude, sat on my balcony for the first time all year and prayed for my city.

It needs all the help it can get.


Haley said...

I heard the sirens last night and knew that something terrible was happening, there were so many of them, all going so fast, but I never thought it would be that. Our city, she needs a lot of prayers.

Randal Graves said...

How? Been going on for 6000 years of recorded civilization. If you find the answer, you'll be very rich.