Tuesday, March 10, 2009

everybody loves us and it gives me the creeps

It's hard to find a fill-in for my time slot so I did it with the aid of a bag of cough drops and as little talking as possible.

Our webstream was down but I did get a couple calls, one from a regular, and another from a drunk guy who said he was from Seattle but was stuck in Cleveland and said my show was "pretty good." He told me that this is a great compliment coming from someone on the West Coast and I thought about playing Mudhoney's "Overblown" from the Singles soundtrack but he sounded like a mess and that seemed like it'd be almost cruel. I'd feel bad for anyone down and out who's stuck here and wants to be home.

playlist for 3.10.09

funkadelic - i'll stay
mighty underdogs - escape
boubacar traore - baba drame
emmanuel jal - gua
daara j - boomerang
U2- please
rokia traore - dounia
juana molina - rio seco/misterio uruguayo (request)
volga - verejushki
common - everywhere
MIS - drume negrita
ollabelle - john the revelator
jane's addiction - classic girl
duke spirit - the step and the walk
tinariwen - chem achel
kadda cherif hadria - djezair
nahawa doubia - minia
amadou & mariam - senegal fast food
the funkees - acid rock
morcheeba - the sea
erykah badu - didn'cha know
cut chemist - the garden
massive attack - unfinished sympathy

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Randal Graves said...

Who knew those left coasters could be so unassuming and kind-hearted.