Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I used to go out to parties and stand around...

So yeah...

I had a nice Labor Day weekend...

Played basketball and music with good people.

Went to a really nice wedding and reception. Homemade soul food courtesy of ladies from the church. Beautiful to see two families come together. Good to know they'll pretty much be neighbors. Met some really awesome people that I'll hopefully run into again at some point.

Drove up to the islands to hang out with the family. Spent a lot of time with my sister, which was good.

Came back to chill with the roommate and the Ethiopians for Chinese food and hanging out on the front porch. My Ethiopian nickname is Beyti now, evidently.

Went to a party also. People were nice but I just end up feeling all weird and antisocial among large groups of people. Sometimes it's no big deal and I have a great time, but other times, everyone might be nice but they're just so into their own thing that I just don't even know how to relate, and I'm always the sober one because I like having a clear head and because I have to wake up early the next day and, well, work.

Sure, I could be just as interesting, but I don't like always trying to explain how I'm a college radio DJ, or that I paint, or that I play guitar, or whatever. I'd rather talk shop than try to impress anyone, is what it comes down to.

Anyhow, I was able to make a graceful exit due to my early morning gig.

And here's the playlist:

morcheeba - the sea
abdoulaye diabate - bara
spanish harlem orchestra - intro
marvin gaye - got to give it up
alvin youngblood hart - two wings
jeff buckley - dream brother
mustafa sendal - kalmadi
susheela rahman - chordiya
dead can dance - cantara
the greenhornes & holly golightly - there is an end
bahta gabre heywet - tessassatege geko
andy palacio & garifuna - watina
mavis staples - on my way / this little light of mine
mission of burma - trem two
soundgarden - overfloater
ollabelle - soul of a man
immigrant suns - surf albania
afro novalima - malato
les nubians - embrasse moi
alemayehu eshete - teredtchewaledhu
funkadelic - i'll stay
sonantes - toque de coito
oumou sangare - djorolen

1 comment:

Scott Budzar said...

girl... we ALWAYS miss you!! What were the chances of that "intersection" happening yesterday!?!?

cool beans to you my friend!