Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So how did you end up here?

Being a Clevelander I ask this question of all people who settled here from much swankier and warmer climes. Usually they don't know how they got sucked into the Rust Belt vortex and that's understandable.

Same with this little corner of the Internets... Moral of the story is that what you're looking for probably isn't on here, except for my well-documented disdain for a certain Soundgarden frontman's solo material and maybe some gravestones.

cleveland call girls for sexy
things baby racoons play with
back in the days did prostitutes hang out on prospect ave in cleveland
chris cornell hate
cleveland east vs west
homework for kindergarten ms.ryan's class ps.165q
art beautiful obscure love statues tombstones
exotic women from the middle east in stained glass
quiet places in cleveland at night
amateur jailbait
tuna blotter
Deer Attack People
banana thieves
drug names on tombstones
victorian robber baron
barbie boadicea
sexy big game huntresses
pantheism female forest spirit


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Anonymous said...

i always seem to end up in cities/states where those who can leave do, i try not to take it personally.

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