Friday, November 18, 2011

next week, I'll be twenty-eight

I'm still young...

Age being relative, that is, the lines beginning to indent the skin, ten years of adulthood and how things have changed, the idealism burned away, the abstract raging against machines replaced by greater knowledge and subsequent despair, knowing that these cycles of depression and creative undulations, of faith and doubt, will always be there in one form or another, that there will be ways to continue to create and do so in ways that are ever more beautiful and well-executed and that despite living alone or in the company of others, even with an ever-comforting divine reassurance, there will still be some degree of loneliness. It's the human condition and I'm learning to accept it.

I always get depressed on the day of birth for no real good reason, probably some degree of seasonal bleakness and the onset of holiday consumerism (what's up black friday), and that nameless angst that always seems to hover. It'll be fine, I just need to get through.


Randal Graves said...

I know the Agora wasn't the Odeon, but it wasn't that bad.

What is with this age? This, Axl's 'old at heart, but I'm only 28' (no scream, though, that's your birthday present); to the still-youthful mind, the moment before precipice that you know is there is seen.

I bet going shopping will help.

Anonymous said...

happy coming bday thatnotreallyagirlanymoreb