Saturday, September 10, 2011

storm in my house

Maybe it's some last vestiges of picket fence American dreams when I've wanted a place of my own, when I see for sale signs for little 1920s urban cottages in my neighborhood with stained glass windows or century old Victorian-era rowhouse townhomes with slate roofs and wild roses growing up the porch within walking distance of the water in Lakewood, knowing that with no credit history (no credit cards, no debt, no car payment), and little income, this would be almost impossible, and I'm not the world's greatest maintainer of things. Keeping an apartment clean and the garden weeded is hard enough, and I live alone. I really don't need all that space and hassle and wouldn't want to have my life and money tied up in something that seems to be more of an albatross than equity at this point in history.

So I went into the kitchen this morning, and realized that not only is it raining outside, it's dripping in my kitchen. A plastic bucket and some pots and pans on top of the fridge, going up to the attic to find the source, which looks like piles of insulation and boards of dubious stability. I'll leave this to the experts and my landlord, and head to the empty house I grew up in to do laundry and drink coffee. Plans of seeing Scrawl tonight look like they'll be derailed by both inclement weather and family functionals. It won't be so bad.


Randal Graves said...

Ugh, water. Rain should always equal cool Poe-esque gloom, not, oh shit, it's streaming into my damn house.

Wait, no debt? You Red.

thatgirl said...

I don't know about that, I take care of my money like a good little capitalist.

Drips and floods do take the romance out of dirgey days.

Word verification: Dinge, appropriate, most definitely.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about this, water in the ceilings/walls is never fun, i've pretty much given up on the idea of home ownership tho there are some pretty cool kit homes now. hope things dry out and you can rest at ease.