Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can't see you but I see what's in my way

Waiting for the bus, trying to navigate this whole insurance agent thing, driving through the rain to the east side sucking on cough drops, listening to Janelle Monae, zoned out, but still able to find my way, sitting in a room next to a dusty vending machine reading as the radio plays country music, coming home and turning on the radio to hear an Amber alert that breaks my heart as I drive down Harvard past boarded-up houses and steelyard bars and then coming down Denison to see the street blocked off and I find out that there was a shooting up there, and I just want to go home, so tired and wet.

But I haven't been to the art center in awhile, didn't get much done, but hung out with a fellow creative, puzzled over sheets and shapes of copper, jars of colored powders and chunks of glass and plotted future projects, deferring work on Paper From Hell Number 1 another day.

I just want to take a half day off and listen to Neil Young and watch the rain, shake the sleepiness, the sore throat and ennui, the discontentedness so unnecessary, sift through the halfhearted wants and incoherent thoughts. There are so many.


Randal Graves said...

What is that, the 85th shooting in the last month? Seems like it; we were rerouted the other morning for the one on 25th. We all know the news goes for ratings, but still, WTF. Go pop caps in the ass of some Pentagon, CIA or Wall Street fucker. Sheesh.

Whatever is going around, I think I got, so if you still have a sack of those cough drops, I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some tomorrow.

Just think, live mood rock, soon. What cheers the bones more than amplified moping?

Word verification: doper. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

thatgirl said...

Usually people chill out when it starts getting cold, I don't know what gives. Desperate times I guess.

I used up all my cough drops but I'll bring in some and some tea tomorrow. It'll make up for me probably getting you sick.

Oh yeah that's in 5 days. Cathartic melancholia is a beautiful thing.

word verification: stslozo. I got nothing.