Monday, September 12, 2011

the facts we hate

So much said by others so much better, I'm in the same place I was at this time last year more or less. If I think about it all too much I get depressed, for good reason one could say. I remember thinking that things were going to get messed up really soon but I don't think I realized to what extent and to what extent these kind of things had been going on for years. Ignorance is bliss, and that becomes the pursuit of happiness. Disorder and war machinery that keeps turning.

Arguments in class over the semantics of genocide. Who cares what some historian thinks? Who cares what conference this paper was presented at? Who cares? A million dead and the argument is over linguistics rather than truth? People want to hear themselves talk and sound intellectual. If your side screwed up you should own up to it. I can't whitewash the things done in my God's name, and neither should you about whatever ideology or credo you hold to whatever that is.

You're so negative, someone once told me, stressing positivity over reality. Sometimes this is what's real.

the facts we hate
we'll never meet walking down the road
everybody yelling "hurry up, hurry up!"
but I'm waiting for you, I must go slow
I must not think bad thoughts

what is this world coming to?
both sides are right but both sides are murdered
I give up, why can't they?
I must not think bad thoughts

the civil wars and the uncivilized wars
conflagrations leap out of every poor furnace
the food cooks poorly and everyone goes hungry
from then on it's
dog eat dog, dog eat body, and body eat dog
I can't go down there, I can't understand it
I'm a no good coward
and an american too, a north american that is
not a south or a central or a native american
oh, I must not think bad thoughts

I'm guilty of murder of
innocent men, innocent women, innocent children
thousands of them
my planes, my guns, my money, my soul
my blood on my hands
it's all my fault
I must not think bad thoughts


Randal Graves said...

You're so negative. That's two of us.

What bothered my personal interactions with academic hierarchical paradigms was that there was no discussion concerning the amounts required to be killed before State earns the coveted Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Genocide.

Word verification: manteran, I am Manteran, manly man of primordial manliness, or something.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the league of depressive realism also known as the slain messengers, smile or die:

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