Friday, September 30, 2011

into the grey

Another week is winding down, and the blur of time is finally starting to lead to a sense of clarity. I lost a great-uncle this week, someone who seemed larger than life, with stories handed down, and there's sundry other little dramas with no need to be spread about the Internet, but last night I took some much needed chill time to get annoyed with my history textbook's YAYCOMMUNISM slant (sure, Stalin killed people but the ones that didn't died were freed from their superstitions so yay Stalin and artistic propaganda posters were keeping it real).

The Randian kid on the other side of the room is absurd to the point of being way too amusing, the know-it-all wasn't there today, and all I can think of is Traktoristy. , the soundtrack to the Hoxha/Uncle Joe Bromance. Get a room comrades, in the name of Winged Eros.

My interest in history is decidedly more ephemeral. I like the weird tendrils that come off of the name and date generica. I'm also convinced that while our book talks about how it was so awesome for women in the Soviet Union as opposed to the Evil Capitalist West, it probably sucked all around everywhere especially for people like me with a big mouth.

But anyways, external drama and dadaesque classroom absurdity aside, I'm heading down to Killumbus to hopefully get a second dose of sweet and heavy tuneage. It's not every day I get to slay my eardrums in good company with the shoegazing metallurgy of Alcest and VikingVikeness like a good little berzerker. Pictures and epic tales hopefully shall follow.


Randal Graves said...

Episode #19 of Who Would Win In A Fight, supply & demand vs. love-comradeship, no weapons allowed, unless one has their manager sneak in a tire iron because jobless slackers need to be pummeled or something.

Tendrils? I *knew* you were a closet Cthulhuian.


thatgirl said...

That's a tough one. The unstoppable Illuminatti Jesuit Bilderberger banking system VS. hippie dippy free love at gunpoint. Ask me after Occupy Wall Street.

Tendrils is a great word, and half the title of an awesome Soundgarden song.

I'll do my best metal face on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

isn't the best metal face the one covered by headbanging hair?

thatgirl said...

My hair's not nearly as long as it once was but it swings around just enough.

Anonymous said...

ha with the right head tilt and rigorous banging i'm sure you can provide the proper illusion, heavy metal plus conjuring what more could RG ask for in a pit aide de campe?

Anonymous said...