Monday, September 26, 2011


I haven't been good about posting pictures because I'm a PC person who owns a Mac, but these are from Dike 14 on Saturday, which is an awesome place.

I've been a mess these past few weeks, with everything going on, and the change of seasons, and the feeling of stasis. I went for a good two weeks of eating dinner alone unable to string two words together in conversation, but yesterday was beautiful even if it began feeling utterly overwhelmed and broken. Intangible divinity once again transcended at the moment of my leastness and deepest doubts in ways that are nearly impossible to explain, and it ended up being the first really good day I've had in months.

I meet up with Tangerine for the first time since this summer, and epic plans were altered to instead hang out at the cemetery because it was a beautiful day and it was close by. Lake View is massive and we went down the "nature walk" path and ended up somewhere completely different and somewhat deserted, with my nice camera getting lots of use.

I love this angel so much.

Shadows of leaves on the bronze doors of the tombs.

daddy long legs spiders guarding mildewing silk flowers. This crypt had this weird echo effect which meant we were saying all sorts of absurd things to hear the reverberation.

This one I'd never seen before and was in the middle of the woods.

Japanese maples turning colors, the way these branches bend is beautiful to me.

This was creepy enough from this angle, and then we realized from walking around to the other side that the little boys were naked, which is even creepier. I don't understand. By this time, we'd wandered around a lot and got hungry so we got pizza and gelato and sat at the little cafe tables on Murray Hill conversating until it started to rain and we both needed to get home anyway.

I got home later than I thought I would, and while buying earplugs at the drugstore for the show tonight, got a call from Muk, who was down at Edgewater and wanted to hang out. I didn't want to bother with opening acts for the show, so I joined him on the pier as we watched the waves break on the rocks and talked about everything until the park ranger started coming around and I had live music to go see.

Got to Peabody's about five minutes before Katatonia got onstage, got my much needed catharsis of moody rock and Swedish accents, the only sour note being the drunk blonde metalhead Snooki type who tried to start a pit and kept slamming into me ostensibly because I was about the same size and didn't have anyone with me. I'm too old for the mosh thing and didn't want to get into a chickfight when there's good music to get introspective to so I got out of her way after she grabbed my shirt by the bra straps and started pulling me, and found more chill people on the side (kids with their confused parents) to stand by.

Still, it was a good show, they played a long set and I was able to lose myself in sweet sounds and indulge my inner techie geek by checking out the chords, deciphering tunings and time signatures because I spent my teens reading guitar magazines instead of Seventeen. Most of the crowd except for the girls were chill. Seriously, ladies, you're doing us females who dig the heavy sounds a disfavor.

No pictures, as I had the little point and shoot and forgot to replace the memory card. Thankfully Randal's more organized than me and has the visuals.


Randal Graves said...

Love those maples & the black-and-whites turned out extra swanky, said the fly to the spider, & those leafy shadows, too.

I think that after I make my internet billions, I'm going to hire Katatonia to be the house band at my house.

I won't lie: part of me wishes you had given that psycho chick a classic Duchess haymaker.

thatgirl said...

aw thanks!

Chez Randal just got potentially swankier.

Such fisticuffs are unbecoming of a Troo Kvlt Duchess though if I had known better, I could have been convinced to tag team with your sometimes-better half.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Beautiful pics!

Yes, get Randal to crouch behind pycho chick next time and give her a push. Works every time...

Randal Graves said...

If we get damoclesed & go the coffee house route, think we could afford them?

A little old school WWF tagteam clothesline, now that would have been a classic.