Tuesday, February 17, 2009

win some lose some.

I was really frustrated with my show this morning. Played wrong tracks, skipped CDs, accidentally cut the sound off, couldn't get a good groove going to save my life. Much apologies to everyone who tuned in. I feel bad about this one.

massive attack - black milk
common - geto heaven part 2
daara j - babylone
mark lanegan - black river
the verve - love is noise
the roots - seed 2.0
jurassic 5 - break
amadou & mariam - senegal fast food
morphine - in spite of me
wyclef jean - fast car
esperanza spaulding - cuerpo y alma
the good the bad and the queen - bunting song
the clash - guns of brixton
john frusciante - look on
brmc - lien on your dreams
rokia traore - koronoko
tony allen - ariya
dengue fever - tooth and nail
lendine - hoje me estrague o dia
kongas - anikana
jackson conti - brazilian sugar


DJ Drew said...

You have a show? When's your show on and where?

thatgirl said...


Tuesday mornings 5-7am eastern time.