Monday, February 16, 2009

love is noise

I have to tutor my kids tonight and I can't get my printouts to download. I feel like one of those weirdos at the library using a public computer because I'm off today and I'm a bit scruffy.

Like most things that happen to me, this weekend was almost entirely unplanned. I had planned on chilling out Friday night but ended up catching up with some old friends at a birthday party and me and the roommate meeting up with a friend after he got off work at Caribbean Flavor.

I somehow initially thought this would involve getting late dinner but instead was dancing away the stress of the weekend to pulsing dancehall and reggae, getting some weird looks because I definitely do not look Jamaican and was not dressed to impress. The past week has turned so many things upside-down that everything almost felt normal and it's to the point where I feel good being out of my element.

We did our lesson with the kids on Saturday about Valentine's Day and had them make paper hearts with words that rhyme on them. One of the babies was sick so I wrapped him in my hoodie and was holding him, trying to get him to calm down and we played blocks with the little girls and I totally felt like I was 5 in the best way giving them the plastic dinosaurs and letting them go all Godzilla on their block city.

As usual, the kids love getting pictures taken. Muk showed me how to play with some settings on my camera a little bit and that's how these turned out.

I didn't want to do anything on Valentine's Day but we got invited over to a friend's place for dinner and it just felt so good to laugh and chill even though I went back early to crash and get some sleep.

I picked up the most recent Verve album at the library and it made me remember why I like anthemic sweeping britpop so much.

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Anonymous said...

I think you need a break, things seem to keep finding a way to not work right during your week. After reading about your valentines day and the holding of a Burundi baby, kind of made me think how awesome you are. Don't worry about looking scruffy, its all the jive right now...

have you ever heard of State Radio?
peAce to you friend