Wednesday, February 4, 2009

random thoughts

The city was blue and white this morning. I couldn't see the skyline at all. I found an old mixtape and listened to Massive Attack on the way in. Looking forward to seeing some good friends and hopefully a good show on Saturday.

I had to deal with a really arrogant and nasty person yesterday. I'd like to think it didn't bother me but I had a hard time sleeping last night. That, however, might have had something to do with the two cups of coffee I drank.

Other than that, yesterday really wasn't all that bad. I got a nice shout-out from a fellow dj friend on my drive home, grabbed dinner at Melt with some friends, and my friend showed me his studio space in the Lake Erie Screw Building and I would love to have something like that where I could ride the old-school wooden elevator and have space to make huge paintings and pretend I'm in 1970's New York.

So far the tutoring has been good. It's hard to balance between different age levels and abilities but the kids help each other out. I had a huge box of literacy materials and books for beginning readers that were donated and they were definitely used. Trying to find some good basic English kind of books that actually have a good story and aren't along the lines of "The fire engine goes Ding! Ding!"


Randal Graves said...

You need to drink more coffee. It'll help, trust me.

thatgirl said...

I didn't start drinking coffee until I started working here, and now I'm up to about 4-6 cups a day. Black.

It's awesome.

urbanmonk said...

hey.. I stumbled on your blog recently and was shocked to discover that Im on your link list!!

so thought I better do the neighborly thing and say gday:)

Concur with mister Graves on drinking more coffee... I work nights in a hospital. Id hook it up to a drip if I could:)