Wednesday, August 24, 2011

welcome to the occupation

We the Peonage endeavored to traverse downtown to see Public Square, known officially but never called "Monumental Park," transformed into something quite Germanic. One of my friends jokes about us being a theme park for New Yorkers, and more or less we're the rust belt equivalent of Liechtenstein, though conceivably for budgetary purposes, it was cheaper to build a fake beer garden and append signage in front of Tower City Mall instead of jetting to a more scenic locale.

The transformation of the familiar into Destructed-Epcot-Lite was surreal to say the least, with the barricades keeping the masses from sullying the red carpet, and this must be how it feels to be invaded and colonized by another country. Life goes on, but it's different, and in this case, it's well dressed strangers and their hangers-on, who make business deals with our overlords while the masses have to rearrange, who doubtless mock the backwardness and provinciality of the natives.

Sadly, this doesn't look all that different from the everyday.

Articles agreed vppon by the lordes and other of the Quenes Maiesties pryuy counsayle, for a reformation of their seruauntes in certayne abuses of apparell thereby to gyue example to al other lordes, noble men and gentlemen.

is more adept with the snarky commentary on the scenery, but as the female half of the Peonage, I was quite amused when a gaggle of Bright Young Things exited the hotel by Playhouse Square declared us "Fashion Disasters," because high school never really does end, it's just that the Brightest Young Things migrate to Happening Places leaving the lesser Bright Young Things to be big fish in small ponds joining the political machines or networking their way to some degree of power) and all of us lower in the pecking order who never expected much and are to some degree content.

I don't know what's acceptable for men these days, but I'm sure that my lack of brand name jewelry, clothing, handbag or shoes, didn't pass muster with people who have nothing else to do but their nails and hair. I might be a fashion disaster to those on either coast, but it's better than being a victim, maybe.

But being that I come from humble means in a humble city, having grown up in sartorially challenged Parmastan and eventually finding a style later in life than others, I find this amusing to the highest degree. All existential angst aside, my life is pretty awesome, I hang out and work with some pretty awesome people, and there's no pressure to be anything. We're the city of slackers and lovable losers, who love our tragic sports teams and grandparents' food. It's not a bad place to be.


Anonymous said...

no pressure to be anything but how about desire?

Randal Graves said...

Gee, Duchess, stop linking to me, please. Your always-trenchant commentary makes my grade Z snark look even worse than it already is, though I suppose I could blame my unfashionable ensemble.

Think the powers-that-be would approve renting out the Towering Slab?

Liberality said...

I hate the wearing of labels so I'm with you on that. I am not their walking advertisement billboard for Christ's sake! :)

Are you the female side of Randal? I kid!

Anonymous said...

than who is the masculine side of Randal?

thatgirl said...

There's always desire of one kind or another.

Too bad we're comrades on the Internets. I give your snark a "C" for "chortle" which is what you made me do, because you refuse to accept that you're actually funny.

My labels tend to involve t-shirts of my favorite bands, which is kind of the same thing as far as paid advertising, but I like the way they look better.

I'm not quite the metal enthusiast Randal is and he's not quite the Jesushead I am, but we're a super team nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

ah there's the rub

Randal Graves said...

This only proves we need to somehow add Metal Jesus to our roster of fake bands.

susan said...

No matter what the brand name or picture most high fashion is made by people lucky if they make $2 a week. How can anybody flaunt that?

Anonymous said...