Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the post looks way more gothy than it really is.

Though I don't know where the goth kids disappeared to... I don't see nearly as many teens around who seem to dig the Cure and Bauhaus, even in Lakewood. Vampire novels, guyliner, and bands that your parents and older siblings just don't understand, sure, though the teenage angst soundtrack seems to do with overly long band names and a whole new kind of bad haircut.

I don't even know what's big anymore, though my teenage cousin just discovered the existence of G'N'R and Van Halen and my younger sister complains about all the wannabe "indie" girls she works with.

Black clothing, due to its timelessness, slimming qualities, and ability to coordinate well with anything, will probably always exist in one form or another, even for those of us who are now Grownups in the Working World.

Meanwhile in grownup land, I'm trying to straighten out a rent money snafu with my landlord, got over being a little salty at the lazy boomer fellow peons, and thankfully scored some free fruit, checking for new concert listings, I'm now holding down the office and waiting more or less for the phone to ring.

The rest of the world rages on, for people who are trying to actually change things instead of buying into their dear leader's platitudes, the talking heads continue to blather, and I just want to go out into the beautifully dreary grey with a camera and drive around listening to music. I drove past Lakeview Cemetery last night listening to the song below just as they were closing the gates and realized I haven't been there in almost two years and never in winter.

And as many times as I've been there, I still haven't found or shot this lovely monument that's probably showed up in every angsty kid's black and white photography class portfolio. The place is just so big and it's generally not a good idea for young females to wander lonely as a cloud through graveyards bordering East Cleveland near sundown.

Can't wait for a few more hours of sunlight to get out there again.


Randal Graves said...

Tell your landlord you can get him a sweet deal on stuff from the perpetual book sale machine.

Verily, I am happy to spread the word of Agalloch.

thatgirl said...

It's more of both of us having absent-minded moments and neither of us being very filthy-lucre driven, thankfully.

And you weren't kidding about this whole good music for winter days thing. Nothing's better for bleak Cleveland winters than beautifully heavy music.

Ricky Shambles said...

Oh, you two almost make me miss the horribly dreary winters that are Cleveland - though Cincy isn't much better.

Yeah, most of what was goth transformed into emo and much of that has gone through the looking glass into scene kids, though bastions of the original tribes still linger in places like The Phantasy, lurking in the shadows until they are liberated to dance by the ceremonial playing of anything by Sisters of Mercy.

thatgirl said...

The emo thing got huge around the time I graduated. Some of the bands were ok, but most of them were terrible and there were definitely way too many guys my age wearing smaller pants sizes than even little me.

The Chamber is definitely still around and I'm sure the 80's-ish bands are sending some kids back to the old days in the U.K., but it's funny to hear the parents of kids talk about "the emos" now the way they talked about "The Goths" then...