Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I learned the hard way...

We met up for dinner and walked down to the Rock Hall to see Sharon Jones, and while the acoustics of the venue weren't exactly ideal, she puts on a great show and it sounded great, I had some of the best company I could ask for and was immensely entertained by the phenomenon of White People Who Think They're Groovy Dancers of which there were many. My friends' grandma came along also and she had a great time, even taking us up to the front of the stage with her for the encore, smiling at the security as they moved aside the velvet rope for us.

I had so much respect watching her and thinking of all of us who know that we've got some serious gifts and go through life being told we're not good enough that we're too short or too tall or don't have the "right look" and go on with daily life and then, after the longest time, someone finally gets it and those gifts are appreciated and shared with the world.

I love the song below because this has been the complaint of almost every girl I know who feels like less of herself because of the way that the eyes of her companion wander. One of my friends who went through a particularly nasty breakup said this song articulated everything she felt and made her feel somehow less alone. To hear a singer telling women they don't have to settle and for men to appreciate the good thing they've got is something so rare and it was just this awesome thing.

There was a spectacular fireworks show going on at the ballpark, so we drove over the bridge to Tremont singing along to the Police to watch the rest of it and did our usual late night pancakes and coffee having decided that we were too sleepy for meteor showers and afterparties.

The rest of the weekend was family from out of town and the usual suspects and my lack of sleep catching up with me. I took a nap between my show and work this morning in the breakroom and I'm hoping that the coffee is strong today, because I'm going to need it.

The rest of the weekend I took pretty slow, hanging out with the family in from out of town, the usual suspects, working on photos, not sleeping, and now I'm trying to figure out how to catch up on that when the summer's ending and I just want to stay up all night.


Randal Graves said...

That particular phenomenon will contribute to the downfall of our society yet, just you wait.

memoniki said...

Your blog is great! I especially loved the last post about martial arts! It looks so cool, I definitely want to try it!- Blog buddies!!