Friday, August 6, 2010

apologies to the neighbors

I'm doing a two-week stint of housesitting for some neighbors of mine, one has a sweet dog with big blue eyes who looks tough but is afraid of everything and the other has two cats. On the way out the door to go to work (and feed the cats at the other house), the dog got out and I had to chase him down the street with a leash looking for all the world like a deranged yuppie. "GET BACK HERE! I NEED TO GO TO WORK!"

He's sniffing everyone's garbage, running into people's fenced-in yards and I'm trying to block him in with their patio furniture and hoping they don't come outside yelling at me or waving a shotgun or something because I am in Cleveland, after all.

Then he finds the boarded up crackhouse around the corner totally interesting and dives under what used to be the back porch and I'm remembering that I left my purse, car keys, and phone on the steps of the house and finally I trap him behind an apartment building that's fenced in.

Two old ladies are sitting across the street on the front porch laughing at me as I haul him home.

Thankfully the cats should be pretty easy.

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Cookbook said...

That's not a bumblebee, that's a bear in a bee suit!