Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when i get older, i will be stronger...

Thankful that tax time comes only once a year because it's no fun and I still don't know who actually contributes money along with what you already owe to entities like "The Political Party Fund." As if they're not already getting enough from us as it is.

The last few months have been ones of struggle, but thankfully I was able to get out and have a really good time last night. I had a free ticket for a show last night at the House of Blues and almost considered not going because I've just been kind of stressed out and wanting small gatherings rather than large crowds, but I was so glad I went.

Loved John Forte's low-key set that reminded me of his affiliates the Fugees, realized I've heard a lot about Wale but not much of his own material, which I also enjoyed, and then K'naan, who I was really looking forward to seeing. He had a full band with him and like the Roots, it felt more like a rock show than I was expecting initially, especially hearing his live record.

They didn't play some of my favorites but his band was tight and he was fantastic. One of the girls we were with wanted to get his autograph and we waited with her and hung out with his band, who were mostly from Columbus and just good people to hang with.

It's a little weird to watch a crowd of suburban white kids (everyone else cleared out after Wale) making out during and singing along to songs about hardship in Mogadishu but hey, if the kids seeing him open up for Jason Mraz gets him a bigger fanbase, more power to him.

I'm glad my companion for shows like these appreciates the music but doesn't do all the crowd participation stuff and we can just be chill. And I'm functioning on maybe 8 hours of sleep for the past two days, but there's something that's been restored in a way that I can't totally explain.

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Randal Graves said...

The Political Party is my favorite political party.