Thursday, April 29, 2010

best of the blotter 20

MISCELLANEOUS INCIDENT, SUNNYWOOD DRIVE: Charges may be filed against an Aurora woman, 54, who dialed 911 April 23 to report she was with a 4-year-old who was choking and otherwise having trouble breathing. In addition to dispatching a fire truck, a rescue squad and an ambulance, an emergency helicopter was put on standby at a Cleveland hospital when she reported the 4-year-old was turning blue and they were now performing CPR.

Upon arrival, emergency crews learned the 4-year-old in question was actually a domesticated pig, and a veterinarian was already on-scene, having made a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to save the pig’s life.

HARASSMENT, OAKMOUNT: A woman showed police hate mail she received April 13 from an address on Rainbow Road.

The postcard shows a picture of a tree with a statement that reads: “Why did you kill me?”

She said she has been receiving harassing mail ever since February when she cut down a tree in her front yard. She does not feel threatened, but wanted the incidents recorded on file.

Police noted that the return address is fictitious.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON, PEARL ROAD: A Strongsville man was advised April 14 for loitering in the area of Altenheim Nursing Home.

The man told police he is “a street devil” who walks around at night looking for cigarettes in parking lots.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE, PEARL ROAD: A Strongsville man and his girlfriend were advised April 14 for behaving suspiciously behind the Towne Center Shopping Plaza.

The man told police he and his girlfriend were ghost hunters who were looking for “supernatural beings.

COMPLAINT, EDGEWATER DRIVE: Police received a complaint about a man standing on the corner with a Christmas tree topper on his head at 1:22 a.m. April 12. The man left the corner for the night.

PRANCING: A female, who was very drunk, told police that a Hispanic man was allegedly “prancing” in the parking lot of a North State Street apartment complex at approximately 2:28 a.m. on Saturday. She had questions regarding the incident.

SUSPICIOUS SITUATION, PEARL ROAD: Patrons at Chipotle called police on Sunday after they saw a man on a motorcycle with a handgun tucked into his waistband.

The patrons were concerned that the man, who had a face mask, was up to no good. The man actually had a concealed carry permit and was just planning to eat at the restaurant.


Randal Graves said...

And we all thought 'miscellaneous' assumed boring.

As for the last one, I know I always pack heat when going to a fast food joint.

Bridget Callahan said...

Aw... "why did you kill me?"