Thursday, March 11, 2010

sunny days and 90's nostalgia

I took a walk on the lunch break and basked in the sun that has decided to shine on this gray and rusted city. Everyone was outside and it almost felt like some kind of weird local holiday with us total strangers greeting each other with "Isn't this beautiful? Just when I thought I couldn't take any more..."

Ended up getting interviewed by a Plain Dealer reporter about my feelings on the weather.

I'm so used to gray skies and general ickiness that it doesn't bother me that much but days like this when the sun feels like your friend and not something that will probably give me cancer someday are just so awesome.

Kinda really excited that Pearl Jam is playing here in May though it'll probably sell out like it always does before I get tickets... my radio connections don't extend to the arena.
I wish someone more exciting than Band of Horses was opening, but I have an unashamed love of all things grunge and 90s since I heard this song on the radio when I was 15.

It did take me awhile to figure out what most of the songs on "Ten" were about because I never really paid attention to what Eddie Vedder was saying, I just loved the guitars and the energy and the way his voice does that squeal thing when he's trying to sound earnest and hit the higher range. For subject matter involving mental illness, school shootings, and incest, the song still sound, well, more upbeat than they should.

On a less upbeat note, evidently the surviving members of Morphine are touring and coming to the Beachland in May which I'm also pretty thrilled about... Since I'm too young to remember these bands in their prime, I'm looking forward to this too. Morphine's music gives me the shivers in the best way and I never thought the saxophone could sound so heavy.

And I'm totally looking forward to another summer of ill-advised Cleveland adventures, potential road trips, hanging out at Edgewater at every opportunity, wondering what this year will bring since it never seems like there's a dull moment.

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Cookbook said...

I hadn't heard about the remaining-members-of-Morphine show. I wonder what they'll be like without Mark Sandman. Sad that I never got to see him live!