Monday, March 29, 2010

I don't feel no ways tired, I've come too far from where I started from...

There's been too much crazy going on...

Avoiding awkward situations, shooting photos of bowling alleys and Ukrainian churches in Parma (I must be the only native who didn't know there's an Astrodome behind St. Josaphat's), walked up to the West Side Market, went to an art show at the Sachsenheim and then out for Puerto Rican food down on 73rd and Denison, came back and painted all night. Too much Cafe Caribe late at night does things to me. I can't find the usb cable for the camera so visuals will have to wait.

Yesterday while I'm at church I get a call from my sister saying that my mom's birthday party was cancelled today because she went to the emergency room last night and then I called her back to find out that my grandpa got hit by a car and then they were worried that he'd have a brain aneurysm. So I ended up spending a good portion of Sunday at the hospital and then zoned out watching basketball, trying to get myself back together.

One of my fellow musicians and very good friends got me and the roommate a hymnal from this store in East Cleveland that sells gospel music and pesticides. Since I grew up white and Catholic, I don't have the background in most of these, but I got some good history lessons about which ones were Baptist as opposed to Pentecostal, which ones were Underground Railroad codes, etc. I'm sure that many of these will be finding their way into Sunday morning.

It was good seeing the roomie after a week of solitude, and we were laughing and dressing up in fabulously ugly sweaters that were in the Goodwill box from her aunt while gunfire popped in the distance. So much stress, all you can do is laugh through the tears sometimes.

Also got this from the library while back to visit the family. No one I knew from there when I worked in high school is there anymore, and the Goodwill across the street where I used to score cheap alternative rock CDs and weird old t-shirts is gone now. I love the production on this album and with the rain and the general angst of yesterday it just fit so well.


Randal Graves said...

I pass that Astrodome twice a day.

"Let them play!
Let them play!"

Pulp said...

My wife and I had our wedding reception in the Astrodome three years ago. It was awesome. Much better than having it at some boring plain vanilla venue with no personality.