Friday, March 19, 2010


The weather's getting warmer, but it's not warm enough yet for things to get really crazy, but the stirrings are beginning.

The sirens didn't stop the other night. Usually I can tune out one or two but this was one after another after another.

Then last night me and a friend were walking down by Case's campus last night when some students came towards us and said that the campus police were asking if they'd seen a guy dressed in black wielding a machete.


So we walked the other way through Little Italy, where the streets are lit more brightly than the campus because it was too beautiful outside to run away.

I had a ticket for the RJD2 show last night but didn't see anyone I knew and was too sleepy to wait through the opening acts so I drove home and saw the firetrucks and bystanders watching an abandoned building burn.

Usually I would have stopped, but I was tired and didn't have a camera anyway.

When the weather heats up, so do the tempers, and things start to get a little more crazy.

None of this really scares me. If it did, I wouldn't live where I live, go to the places I go.

"The space between the dime and the dollar
The space between the city and the suburb"


Randal Graves said...

It's obvious that you have to start carrying around your own machete. Anyone asks, tell them you're a professional cook.

thatgirl said...

They sell them around the corner at the African/Caribbean grocery store I shop at. I've thought it might come in useful.