Friday, October 16, 2009

best of the blotter: Dr Dre & the Drano Bombs

This one was passed onto me by a coworker.

HUNTINGTON BEACH -- Police responded to a call that several people were arguing outside an apartment complex at 5:20 a.m. about who sold the most albums: The Beatles or Dr. Dre.

Police told them it was The Beatles, which ended the argument, according to police documents about the Saturday incident in the 17100 block of Oak Lane.

The people agreed to go back inside their apartment and be quiet, Huntington Beach police spokesman Lt. Russell Reinhart said.

"The officers are always trying to resolve disputes when they go to calls like this," Reinhart said. "For this call, at 5:20 in the morning, this is what worked."

A quick Internet search shows that The Beatles sold about a billion albums and Dr. Dre sold about 80 million.

And a little bit closer to home...

THEFT, MIRAMAR BOULEVARD: Someone stole from a woman’s lawn several rented yard displays posted in honor of a child’s birthday. The display cost $100 to rent, and owners of the company that rents the display said it would cost $150 to replace the sign, and another $250 to remake the plywood alien heads and smiley faces stolen. The theft was reported the morning of Sept. 19.

SUSPICIOUS SITUATION: A caller reported seeing three fingers sticking through the blind of a storage facility on Royalton Road Friday night.

The fingers are part of a fake hand that has been there about five years, a report said.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT: Residents on Stoughton Drive complained July 21 about neighbors setting off fireworks, but police found the culprits were exploding "Drano bombs," not fireworks.

The suspects had left when police arrived. They questioned the neighbors, who said they had come out to investigate, but the explosives were set off by two boys who rode away on bikes.


Randal Graves said...

If Andre Young ever decides to start a rock band, Dr. Dre & the Drano Bombs would be a killer band name.

thatgirl said...

Almost as good as FRESCOES OF THE SKULL.