Thursday, October 29, 2009

best of the blotter: beagles, rusty cars, and leaves of grass

SUSPICIOUS, HASKINS ROAD: A resident complained of several loud explosions that shook the house over a three-hour period Saturday night. Police solved the mystery after receiving a noise complaint call from another resident that pointed to several teens in a nearby park. They were attempting to determine how far away their car’s high-performance stereos could be heard.

SUSPICIOUS ANIMAL, FRENCH CREEK ROAD: A woman called police Oct. 17 to say that a “beagle” was playing in the lot of St. Clement’s church, preventing her from getting out of her car. Squads arriving on the scene discovered that the dog was in fact a pit bull and took it into custody, pending further investigation.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE, WALNUT CREEK DRIVE: An anonymous caller reported Friday that a red pick-up truck parked near her home was making the neighborhood look “crappy.”

MENACING, ACADEMY DRIVE: A resident reported Oct. 12 that the owner of landscaping company threatened him during a dispute. The owner allegedly threatened to kill all the grass at the resident’s house.

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Randal Graves said...

Who knew Snoopy was such a bad mofo.