Tuesday, May 19, 2009

screw you, New York Times!

I don't like to argue about liberal/conservative media bias, but I do feel like our Cleveland sports teams get hated on. This might be some kind of regional paranoia, but how many times have we made it to the playoffs and it always seems like the announcers are hoping that the team from NYC or LA gets in?

Tell me if I'm crazy because I want to know.

Anyways, here's some lovely East Coast sportswriting to get you all worked up.

Cavaliers Have Been Dominant but not Intriguing

Whatever. You're just jealous.

On a side note, whenever I watch the Cavs play, I always think about one of my English professors back at KSU, a tiny Japanese man obsessed with erotic haiku, Lebron James, Theodore Dreiser, and Black Power, and would ramble about such things as I tried desperately not to giggle.

I know he's probably really happy right now.

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Randal Graves said...

They're just bitter the Knicks are about as exciting as a root canal.