Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Current music kicks:

Silversun Pickups "Panic Switch"

My roommate in college had their first ep, and since Billy Corgan is too busy being weird, this fills that void for dramatic super-fuzzed alt-rock.

Metric "Help I'm Alive"

This one kind of reminds me of the Breeders, which is always a good thing and gives me a reason to post the following, which for some reason this sounds like something Nirvana would have written.

Art Brut - "Formed a Band"
I love the new Art Brut, but the song about discovering the Replacements is not on the youtubes, so the first one I heard is on here. Mad props to my former library coworker Tegan for having a British boyfriend who would mail her awesome CDs.
Click through for the link because it's disabled.

Rites of Spring - "End on End"

I dug this out last night because I was feeling all teenage-angsty and I haven't listened to noisy mid-80s punk like I once did and forgot how cathartic this record is.

Amadou & Mariam - "Masiteladi"

This couple is responsible for me diving headlong into the world of Malian guitars. I wish I could make music this good.

K'Naan - "Fatima"
This has become one of my regular car CDs.

Akil & Steve2k - "Regina"

So the video for this is pretty low-budget but this song is catchy in a Macarena but not bad kind of way. East Africa meets bhangra and good danceable things happen if you're into that kind of thing.

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