Monday, May 18, 2009

bohemian like you

So I come back to the daily world and my head is spinning because there's just too much to think through and it's just so overwhelming.

But I try not to get too much into my own existential dilemmas on here. Let me just say that I'm still in love with my city and that I still find driving in the suburbs and the whole concept of guy/girl relationships frustrating.

Went up to the lake to chill. It's beautiful there, but I kept thinking about how everything is changing all the time.

I sometimes feel like the unofficial Cleveland tour guide, took a friend of mine to the West Side Market for lunch and then to the Glass Bubble Project.

I love the inside of this place and want to make cool things like this someday.

It was raining but we drove out to Cleveland Hts anyway, hung out in Coventry until the rain stopped, giggled at old records with fabulously bad covers. Picked up this gem out of the dollar section.

Once the rain was gone, it was beautiful so we walked down the hill to the Hessler Street Fair and I felt like I was back in Kent almost. I'm not really around hippies and other arty types much anymore, but we got to see Tarace Boulba parade down the street and lots of hippies dancing.

I ended up coming back Sunday with some other friends for more hanging out and yummy Caribbean jerk chicken and rice. There was nowhere to sit so we had a picnic on the trunk of Mukhtar's Crown Vic in the parking lot before heading back for hanging out and listening to Kent sing Kanye West songs opera/Broadway style.

Totally irrelevant random picture from the festivities:

As Muk says, "for all of your poster-sized Barry White needs!"


Tim Ferris said...

in a city without a chamber of commerce, we are all tour guides

what made Columbus what it is today is a guy from the chamber, the head of it, walking around telling people how he flat loved the place

our chamber keeps renaming itself, and the best I can figure, it is a jobs program for mediocre people who go along to get along

Ricky Shambles said...

You almost make me miss the finer points of Cleveland. Been trips for fam only for 5 years, but close enough in Cincinnati.

Great post.