Wednesday, April 15, 2009

playlist 4/14/09

My playlist is at home, but here's what I remember. I'll fill in the blanks later (edit- now updated).

dj cam - he's gone (kid loco remix)
common - geto heaven pt. 2
see-i - why not tonight
pharaoh's daughter - yona
blockhead - serenade
martina topley-bird - sandpaper kisses
a. r. rahman - innisai
habib koite - i ka barra
boubacar traore - baba drame
funkadelic - maggot brain
mifune - be human
kokolo afrobeat orchestra - more consideration
extra golden - street parade
chambers brothers - people get ready (live)
love - 7 + 7 is / alone again or
rem - drive
cream - pressed rat and warthog (request)
love battery - dayglo / see your mind
the dirtbombs - earthquake heart
amadou & mariam - masiteladi
joe strummer - get down moses
zani diabate -

I've been so emotionally up and down the past week that I didn't even feel like coming in that morning. This has always been one of my favorite bits of guitar playing since I was 15 and use to listen to WMMS and WNCX on headphones prior to discovering the goodness of college radio. If you haven't listened to this, you need to RIGHT NOW.

I think it's an interesting indicator of the listening audience that I get a request for Ice Cube last week and one for Cream this week.

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Terri said...

THank you for posting the Maggot Brain, I started listening to it in my head, and then walla you had it there, I love you a little more now. LOL