Monday, April 20, 2009


So me and the roommate had a houseguest this weekend. My friend's daughter evidently thinks we're really cool so she hung out with us to do "girl things" on her spring break, which involved me taking her to the mall, eating ice cream, talking about boys, attempting to go and see the supposedly legendary karaoke night at Bo Loong (nothing going on there at all), and going on the swings at Lakewood Park on a gorgeous Saturday morning.

Then we went to the West Side Market and to volunteer with the kids. Vanessa had a book about this girl from Kenya that talked about fruit, so we bought bananas and oranges and read the story. The girls loved it and told me what all the names for the animals and fruits were in their language and said that the pictures reminded them of home. Then we went outside and played soccer and basketball and enjoyed the sun before I take a few carloads home. I get some interesting looks from other drivers as the kids are singing along to T.I. or telling me that this song by the Roots is good, and the older kids want pictures posing next to my car even though it's not remotely close to sweet ride material.

So I'm sitting out in the front yard with babies crawling all over me, helping her with my math homework while the kids are taking pictures of each other with my camera and the rest of us are talking and hanging out just enjoying being outside.

Then we went to see her uncle's band play and as before, they're fun to watch and I get those shivers you get when you hear a song that really hits you. And a good set of choice covers just sweetened it more.

I hung out at Swahili church Sunday afternoon, and I'm to the point where I can pick up some of the words or at least know what's going on, and I'm taking a class in it this fall, because I know I'm not going to pick it up as well if I don't have some structure.

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Terri said...

The memories you help create for people Cleveland Love is very inspiring.