Tuesday, November 11, 2008

if it's too loud you're too old

So I'm running some errands last night and happen to flip to the classic rock radio station and lo and behold, they are about to play the long awaited single for "Chinese Democracy."

It's probably not fair of me to say it's awful, having never been a fan of the band in the first place. But I get the feeling that the fans of Appetite for Destruction won't find much to love there either.

Since I love all three of you who read this and that Chris Cornell clip posted was torture enough, I'm going to leave it to you to find the youtube video which involves lots of tanks and Chinese people and people throwing bombs and Axl Rose being his usual self.

Otherwise, here's the playlist for the show this week:

erykah badu - didn'tcha know
manu chao - mi vida
al-pha-x - first transmission
funkadelic - i'll stay
martina topley-bird - need one
twilight singers - last temptation
brmc - love burns
cafe tacuba - tengo todo
digable planets - pacifics
diplo - big lost
lauryn hill - i used to love him
habib koite - cigarette a bana
amadou & mariam - coulibaly
red hot chili peppers - my lovely man
jane's addiction - summertime rolls
dengue fever - 1000 tears of a tarantula
the dirtbombs - if you can want
the clash - clampdown / guns of brixton
novalima - zamba lanco
tony allen - ariya
robert plant & alison krauss - rich woman
my bloody valentine - soon


Randal Graves said...

Sweet demo-craaaa-ceee of miiiii-iiii-iiiinnnnnnn-nnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee......

Valerie said...

everyone at the market loves that new song.

it's made me stop snake dancing to relieve stress.

sad indeed.