Monday, April 28, 2008

too many creeps.

friday night at the rapid station...

got hit on by an aspiring yoga instructor/physicist who was really just a nasty dirty hippie who wondered if my backing away from him had to do with "space issues" that i had because evidently "something happened to you as a child" or "you're on medication aren't you?" and somehow my shoe size has something to do with all of this. because he asked about that too.

no, i don't need my chakras opened up. no, i'm not a nice hippie kind of girl. no, i'm not interested in dating you. no, it's not that i have space issues, it's just that you're completely creeping me out. maybe people in cleveland seem unfriendly because you're really freakin' weird.

yes, i'm going to be sure i get on the other rapid car that isn't yours and hide behind the seat and hope you don't notice until the doors close and i'm home free. thank God he got off at the next stop.

he came up to my shoulder so i wasn't really afraid, just irritated. no more funky tanktops and vintage earrings. i'm going to start rocking the hooded sweatshirt/bandanna look again. it feels good to be left alone.

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