Monday, April 21, 2008

another day in paradise

there's a reason why i don't end up making plans.

because the ones that happen to you tend to be the most interesting.

this past saturday the only things in mind were a trip to the library, grocery shopping, and maybe doing some laundry.

all of those things happened, but then i also...

ended up helping a friend move, and encountering his friends who've been battling serious drug addiction and legal trouble and things i've never had to deal with that break me up inside.

hung out with one of the kids who lives in the downstairs of my double who brought her puppy up to play,

went out to the east side with one of the roommates for a hip-hop show put on by friends of friends in the basement of a coventry store where we probably stood out, being the only caucasian females in attendance but no one made us feel that way.

felt like i was at a house party hanging out down there, dancing in the corner, basking in the atmosphere, taking breaks for fresh air with mukhtar out on the sidewalk drinking arizona green tea in the rain with a black hoodie pulled over my head people-watching and amazed at how yuppie coventry is now compared to the days i never saw of the hippies and the punks congregating on the corner.

loving that it's warm outside, that there's sunlight when i get home. needing to get a camera so i can start capturing moments again.

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