Friday, April 11, 2008

life is a beautiful struggle...

this and that and the other thing and feelings that don't make sense and wanting to just crash out and sleep sometimes though there's so much that needs to be done. i wonder if i can even do it right. i'm thankful for the phone calls with my mom, the dinners and mix cds that friends make me, the thinking-of-you messages, and yet all the confusion.

i have radio class again tonight but i'm so tired. i want to change into my jeans and my old shonen knife t-shirt. i've my second lukewarm cup of coffee i'm chugging as i try to remember all 16 color coded music genres in the wcsb library.

i'm taking care of the puppy dogs again this week. i love it there because i have the lights down low, read and sketch, play tug-of-war while talking on the phone, walk the dog.

somehow i'll knock it out, just like i always do. figure out how to love and do and sleep and live and chill and rush.

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