Tuesday, April 22, 2008

slice of life

finally got over to edgewater park last night with val right before sunset.

i love it there. it's where i was baptized when i was 17, where me and my friend john would hang out in high school walking along the beach and chasing seagulls when we had a lot of time and no money. it's always been an easy place to get to, to fly kites, lay on the rocks, and people watch because everyone seems to end up there.

this time we had some people flying beautiful kites and a burly man on rollerblades with three teacup chihuahuas in tow. it was the most amazing thing ever.

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Frankie said...

My boyfriend and I timed the walk from our from door to Edgewater Beach: just under two minutes, and I still don't get there enough.

I LOVE people watching from the grassy knoll overlooking the water.

It is amazing. I'm happy to see someone else thinks so too.