Thursday, March 20, 2008

to sing that resurrection song

i was catholic until the age of ten, when my parents decided that they wanted to go to another church where they felt like they got more out of it every sunday morning, and since then at different stages of my life i've passed through several different churches, and currently hang out at a place on the lower west side where that quote about sunday morning being the most segregated hour in america is beautifully contradicted.

some of the people i know talk a lot of trash about the catholic church, and there's probably reason for some of it. a friend of mine once joked that "former catholic" is the most common creed of our generation.

but i find myself loving the times of contemplation and the ideas associated with ash wednesday, lent, good friday, advent and the way that it reminds me of things that become so easy to take for granted. when i was in college i used to wander into st patrick's and just sit there in the quiet listening to the janitor sing. now i sometimes walk down to trinity cathedral downtown which is always open and read the prayers posted on the bulletin board and stare up at the stained-glass ceiling.

so tonight i am going with a friend to a seder celebration at her church, i'll be spending good friday night with people from mine.

the snow is melting outside and it's growing more beautiful by the day...

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Christine said...

I spent a lot of time at Trinity Cathedral when I was at Cleveland State, too. I didn't grow up going to church or anything but I also feel like I get something out of lent and advent. People need rituals that mean something, you know?