Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i've never considered myself materialistic, but as i'm packing up my stuff into boxes last night talking to lindsey on the phone, i realize how much stuff i really do have, and as much as i'd like to believe it could all fit in the back of my sexy saturn, we all know it won't.

i live a relatively simple life in the sense that i don't feel like i need a whole lot to keep me content. but i have my indulgences also. i have two guitars, a violin that i haven't touched in two years, and two basses, one of which is on loan. one box is entirely cds, another is piled high with books, i threw out some of my clothes finally (that lookout records t-shirt from 1996 had to go sometime). i haven't even packed the paintings, the art supplies, or the record collection yet, though i think, with the exception of the bed and the bookcase, most of it will fit in the back of my car.

but still, i want to see how much i can get rid of. you never realize how much junk you have until you have to carry all of it.

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