Monday, March 24, 2008

signs and wonders

easter never seemed so bright and beautiful as this before. so cold, and snow on the ground, but sun streaming through the windows.

i was asked to play guitar for the service yesterday, something i haven't done in a long time (i've been a bass-playing gal for awhile now). i'm still more of a guitarist than a bassist and while i haven't picked up a guitar in months, it was back in my hands and felt so natural and good.

when we ended with 'oh happy day' while i pummeled my guitar until the strings dislocated while joe and tim laid down amazing basslines and tight drums as the voices of people from five continents and infinitely different backgrounds, cultures, and stories came together in song.

one lady on the street asked me one time as i was coming in, if that was the puerto rican church, and i said no, it's just a church. of course, it's a place that happens to include a smattering of everything on the west side. puerto rican? sure, and black and white, east african and caribbean, an ethiopian congregation that meets in the afternoon. people from every conceivable demographic and walk of life.

it's said how good and pleasant it is when we dwell together in unity, and i feel like i got a glimpse of that yesterday. that little glimmer of what heaven will be.

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