Wednesday, March 12, 2008


depending on who i'm around, i'm perceived as the flaming bleeding liberal or the psychotic wingnut conservative, and maybe to some i probably embody a little bit of both, and these kind of situations make me realize how useless and irrelevant those labels are.

but here's the thing that often leads me on the more right-leaning side of the fence:
i'm pro-life.

but i believe that this is more than being for the rights of the unborn. i believe that this constitutes a deep respect and value for ALL human life, regardless of who someone is, regardless of beliefs religious or otherwise, mental/physical capability, orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality, etc.

i believe that we're all created by God and that it's a slap in the face to God himself when we abuse or denigrate his creation, when we treat people as less than who they are because they happen to be the wrong age or demographic, or shade of skin or we just don't agree with what they have to say, when we harm animals for kicks, when we mess up the earth just because we can.

i know that this is a tall order and a tough philosophy to live out. but i really do try to, even in the case of people who drive me crazy. i know that people will disagree with me but that's okay.

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